Rising Stars 3lite is an awesome organization to be apart of. We have cheered with coach Keke for 3 years and my daughter has learned so much. Many things in cheer she didn't think she could do she has done and that is thanks to her coaches having high expectations for their athletes and continuing to push them to be their best. These coaches really look after these girls as if they are their own. They step in and not only coach but show support in the other activities their athletes are apart of. I would recommend this organization to anyone looking for a competitive cheer team that has a family feel.


The sisters are an amazing trio. They are super talented and can take a child with zero experience and turn them into an all-star cheerleader in the matter of months. Their love, dedication, and drive reflect in their work with the girls. I love them!


Amazing coaches. They love what they do. Turn your girls into amazing cheerleaders.