Open Monday through Friday, 8am to 3pm for home school and after school care from 3pm to 5:30PM. K-12th grade. Ask about transportation

Registration one time fee $35.00.


All services are free.

Non Members:

The prices are $100.00 dollars a week. Drop in rate for a day is $25.00. Friday's only which is field trip day will be $35.00 for the day.The hourly rate will be $10.00 an hour.

Co-ops and more will be provide daily. The kids will be able to have help with their curriculum. They will be overseen by instructors who have worked in the school system.

Our primary goal is to offer an provide daily help with curriculum and socialization for homeschoolers. In a loving and fun environment.

Also this may be a good options for those of you who want to homeschool your kids but can't because you work full time. Or those of you who homeschool and would like to go back to work,but you choose not to because homeschool is more important.”