❖ Game Day Training

Learn new sidelines and cheers to become the ultimate crowd leaders at your school! You will also be able to take your crowd leading skills to the next level with the interactive Game Day Traditions Class!

❖ Squad Credentialing

Guided by the RS3 Staff, your squad will learn and demonstrate the Roles of a Cheerleader - Crowd Leader, an Athletes, and Entertainer! Plus, your squad will receive training in the areas of safety and leadership!


❖ Sideline Private Coaching3

Sideline instruction for football or basketball with training on motions, voice, crowd interaction, and more! The RS3 staff will personalize offensive and defensive sidelines unique to your squad!

❖ Stunt Class4

Take your stunting skills to the next level at RS3 camp. Stunt class includes Safety Awareness Testing/Spotting Seminar/Stunt Qualification, daily Stunt Classes, Transition classes, and Elective Classes.


❖ Cheer Private Coaching

Work one on one with the RS3 Staff on a personalized cheer just for your squad! Incorporate signs, poms, megaphones, stunts, and more into your customized cheer that you can take home and perform during a Timeout or Pep Rally!


❖ Pyramid Class

Up to three classes, including a Personalized Pyramid Class, training on safety and progressions, RS3 Staff Demonstrations, and more! The RS3 staff will teach countless pyramid types including structures, braced rolls, braced flips, inversions, and more!


❖ Pep Rally

Increase pride and enthusiasm at your school by implementing the spirit theme from RS3 each day throughout camp. You can then take what you've learned at camp straight to your school! Your team will love the updated pep rally planning class, too!


❖ Leadership Training

The Leadership Training has been expanded, pushing cheerleaders to dig deep and develop their leadership skills! Seniors, captains and underclassman will all experience their own unique session specifically for their roles on the squad! Captains and co-captains will be invited to attend two additional leadership sessions just for them.

❖ Xtreme Routine Private Coaching

RS3 Staff helps create an eleven 8-count performance customized to your squad's unique strengths and abilities! You are able to incorporate stunts, jumps, pyramids, and more into this personalized routine.